The 1975 – Love Me

They’re back.

It’s been a while since the Mancunian band’s debut LP came out following the craze from tracks Sex, Girls and Chocolate, and now album #2 is thoroughly on the way, with the debut track from LP2, Love Me.

It’s clear to hear that it’s not exactly what you’d expect from 1975’s style of electronic swamped, guitar-pop, that falls somewhere between melodic and ‘dreamy’ normally. Love Me is however as typical of a 1975 as you’d imagine though. While it may bot be swarmed in obvious, dreamy synth tones, it’s funk fueled guitar hook plays throughout, catching the ear the moment the songs begins (think Chocolate or Girls). While Matty serenades you for near four minutes with his effortlessly cool vocals, Adam, George and Ross create arguably their most interesting work yet, with a vibe similar to the excitement of watching your favourites on Top of the Pops ‘back in the day’.

It’s a reformed pop hit for today, that contains more mixed reactions than those of the kid getting an avocado for Christmas. Either way, it’s a pinnacle point in The 1975’s career, that clearly demonstrates how their in-depth knowledge of pop isn’t going to beaten anytime soon.

I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It (seriously), is expected to be out by February next year.

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