Wishes – I Want To Be Alone With You

Is that MGMT? Is that Neon Indian? No. It’s better.

We totally didn’t find this on related tracks on soundcloud… okay so maybe we did, but you be thankful that we did if you haven’t checked out Fela and done the exact same thing.

I Want To Be Alone With You (IWTBAWY for short) is the debut single by this Sydney based producer (John Towey), and it’s immediately recognisable to the mid 00’s Brit-indie-tronica scene, with the likes of MGMT, The Black Kids, Neon Indian, you name it.

While the electronica that Wishes is pushing is more developed than the mid 00’s, (think closer to M83) with harder, more focused beats closer linked to modern house, Towey’s still managed to reignite that passion felt from tracks, that have been on everyone’s summer playlists for the last five to ten years.

Now if you’re a regular reader of Velvet, you know we don’t encourage the use of iTunes, but we’d seriously recommend it for Wishes. So lap it up, buy the track, and dance your heart away no matter what the time.

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