Armors – Aubrey

Gorgeous artwork to go with gorgeous pop.

We’ve had a lot of pop recently on Velvet. All high shine, sparkling, filter tinted music, that resonate sunshine and summer breezes. Armors don’t quite seem to think in the same way. With Aubrey, you get cool, sophisticated swagger that falls in between the layers of The 1975, The NBHD or closer to this South Californian group, Max and the Moon.

Unlike fellow friends Max and the Moon however, they favour intense, high-octane rock/pop, similar to what The Neighbourhood made when they first started. Think less high shine, traditionally happy pop, and more slick black outfits, that display a magnetism of raw energy in down-town LA at night, fully equipped with guitars, electronics and echoing drum breaks, that are fit to burst into a majestic display of pop-prowess.

With a collected balance of guitars that ooze cool in part with electronics that draw out the thumping thunder of Imagine Dragons; Aubrey is the most dramatic and intense piece of pop you’ll have experienced in a fair while.

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