Spares – I Like It

Ready for Spares second track? It’ll roll of your tongue completely.

I Like It, I really do. That’s one of the calmer sentence’s you’ll say in response to Spares second release, I Like It. But seriously, it’s an irresistibly, catchy punk (or proto-punk) track that’s going to have you head-banging in your room for hours (if not at least violently thrashing at a future gig of theirs).

Coming in at just under three minutes, it’s a little longer than their debut, but the energy still comes through, louder, and as violently (in a good sense) as ever. It’s hysteria on top of utter chaos, with gut bursting riffs and choruses that make Spares sound like Baby Strange’s little brothers, who stole their guitars, ran on stage and showed them how to really lose control and display teen angst in the form of punk rock.

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