Welcoming… Molly Moore

Regular viewers know that we’re big fans of pop on Velvet, and Molly Moore is the most recent Californian being added to this list.

Moore emailed Velvet earlier on this year and having the occasional lapse of memory, we completely forget to share with you all, her brilliant pop music (so apologies again for that Molly!).

Moore’s style is easily recognisable in acts such as Meg Myers and even Taylor Swift, as her use of intense drama-pop utilises heavy drums and friendly electronics is a regular formula that many new acts are beginning to market upon. The difference with Moore for us, is her attentive nature to the lyrics with her songs.

In our first introduction to Moore’s music, the track Don’t Believe It, Moore’s lyrics showed no coyness, which a cluster full of recent pop acts seem to guide themselves by (which we won’t slander). Moore’s blunt nature in not hiding meaning in her lyrics, amplifies the swagger felt from the rest of her music and marks her out from the crowd of LA’s pop hopefuls.

With Don’t Believe It, you have a three and a half minute loaded pop behemoth, with country undertones that could have fallen straight from ABC’s Nashville or Taylor Swift’s earlier work, a chorus that’s perfectly structured for mainstream success with the ever popular brass insertion, engine turning drums and of course Moore’s straight forward lyrics.

Now we have her latest single, Peace Of My Heart, drawing a closer resemblance to Meg Myers and her brand of intense, pop-rock, as Moore begins to expand into the expanding style of minimalist pop. While beautifully structured with light electronics and dark-pop guitars, Moore’s story within the lyrics are the connection that will allow you to sink your teeth in the rest of Moore’s back catalogue, describing love as a battle and allowing fear to be placed aside, when giving your significant other a ‘peace of your heart’.

  • What can I expect?

Pop that drives in between the lanes of steady flow and rapid propulsion, driven by lyrics that have no regard for hiding behind the glass.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Peace Of My Heart was released at the beginning of November, so potentially not for a while, but there’s a good few tracks to listen to while you wait for new work (especially MTS’ remix of Natural Disaster which draws out the drama and intensity tenfold).

  • Where can I find their music?

Soundcloud (down below), Spotify, the usual places.

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: Meg Myers, Max and the Moon, IYES, Taylor Swift.

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