Giungla – Cold

An Italian solo artist, Giungla shows that you only need a drum machine, a guitar and some foot pedals to make cryptic electro-rock.

Giungla is the moniker of Emanuela Drei (which means Jungle in Italian), Bologna born singer-songwriter. Her debut track Cold comes to us in the form of cryptic electronics, that sound as if someone made a collage of Sleigh Bells, Jupiter-C and Blood Red Shoes. Drei’s guitar work creates the essence of bass where Blood Red Shoes Laura-Mary Carter does the same, while her drum machine forms inventive electronic that rivals Sleigh Bells at their best and of course the link to Jupiter-C is the futuristic, muffled bizarre nature to Cold as a whole.

It may be Drei’s first track, but then to say Cold is a debut is alarming as even with her past work, Drei lives up to her moniker, creating a jungle of chaotic sound that falls in between alien and futuristic electro-experimental.

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