Arizona – Where I Wanna Be

So after fiddling around with browsers, we can finally share music again. So to ‘celebrate’ our short hiatus, Where I Wanna Be, seems very fitting.

You may be startled to hear that Arizona aren’t actually one of the charts hottest pop/EDM groups around, especially as Where I Wanna Be, contains just about every element that chart goliaths such as Avicii or Sigma, load into all of their hit tracks.

Arizona (who aren’t actually based in Arizona) draw the thin-line between being future chart toppers and indie newcomers. Upbeat love songs never fail to ignite the charts in any country, but upbeat love songs that plays along cool layered EDM, which glides effortlessly with calmer musical elements has now become a guaranteed hit. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, but when Arizona are snapped up by a major label, it’d be more than expected to see a re-release of this future summer hit.

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