Armors – Revolver

While not professional in any stance, my initial reaction to Revolver was a rather elongated, Yo!

 If that sentence didn’t quite capture Revolver for you, then let me provide you with a more complete idea.

Armors previous track, Aubrey had us completely captured into their magic. Now with Revolver, we’ve fallen even deeper for this Southern Californian band.

Within the first fifteen seconds, if pop/rock is your forte, then we have no doubt that you’ll be glued to Revolver. Where as previous track Aubrey, planned its rise into full throttle for its choruses, Revolver is completely electric throughout.

Guitars reverberate constantly in a sea of contemporary pop-rock, growing more intense with every passing second, while cycling through their own sound, to ultimately reveal an implosion of every sub-pop genre you can think of.

Dark, illusive and hypnotic, Revolver isn’t just intricately layered guitar work. The thrashing drum rhythms alongside constantly ‘on-point’ vocals (as well as the line “We are revolver, one time problem solvers”) allow Armors to challenge, if not out-do, larger pop bands such as The Neighbourhood and The 1975 (imagine if Afraid met Menswear).

Armors’ upcoming EP, Collisions is out this Friday (December 4th), so stay tuned!

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