Lea Porcelain – Loose Life

Their EP is finally here, and Loose Life provides the historical, final chapter, of this soon to be cult hit, first EP.

Hysteric and paranoid, Loose Life draws a fine line between paradise and the apocalypse. Manipulated mechanical sounds, draw Loose Life towards a world on the brink of destruction; while near-muted guitars attempt to provide Loose Life with a source to escape this apocalyptic state.

Loose Life summarises everything you expected, and so much more from Lea Porcelain. From the incredibly rare WWII colour footage of the music video, to the industrial, post-punk electronics. It’s the secret weapon that this German duo have been hiding all along.

Showing true resilience in their skill as musicians, transferring from their close ties to post-punk on Bones, and now shifting into their electronic fusion (felt on Similar Familiar), in perfect fashion; Lea Porcelain have shown (already) that their music knows no bounds.

To listen to Lea Porcelain’s debut EP, scroll below.


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