Jon Oh – Wishing Well

While calming saxophones highlight this hip-hop track with the delight of Jazz, it’s Jon Oh’s lyrics on the voting system that gained our attention.

It’s quite apparent that Velvet doesn’t feature much hip-hop or rap on here. While I have my own personal soft spot for the two genres, the never-ending cycle of ‘bitches, pussy and money’ isn’t what hip-hop and rap was created for (in my eyes). Jon Oh’s Wishing Well is a part of the hip-hop/rap world, that Velvet can happily share, facing the real issues of the people.

Simply put, Wishing Well represents the endless cycle of those with power, being voted for by the powerless. There’s no incentive to castrate and cut out voters for following this process, but the mind that is used to educate on the matter.

Evaluating the truth behind the voting system, Jon Oh uses the smoothness of the saxophone to provide a satirical approach to his own words in comparison with those in government. While sugar-coated in smooth, calming jazz, Jon Oh’s words speak a different story, just as the stories told by the world’s politicians also do. It may seem effortless and a ‘nice’ piece of work, but Wishing Well is highly intuitive in its execution.

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