Spares – Ciggy Stump

Forget Slade this holiday season. Grab a beer and get wild to Spares latest track Ciggy Stump instead.

Possibly Velvet’s favourite Spares’ track to date (each new track is our favourite frankly), Ciggy Stump is loaded with the energy of a teenage rebellion (even if they are older than me) that rivals that of early Buzzcocks.

Another track under the three-minute mark, Spares chaotic bursts of energy completely decimate every single second, with violent drum thrashing, and heavy grooving, bass hooks, which lead into explosive choruses of yeah yeah yeah’s and detrimental guitars.

We’re not just looking at another punk-rock group, that fades into the wood work here. Spares are showing already that their energy is un-matchable to most new bands, and they’re ready to thrash and roar all over the stage, whether that’s in a basement or on a festival stage.

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