Welcoming… Big Goose

You remember our dear friends ACAB Rocky right? Well Big Goose are the band of their bassist Angus Watt, and they produce perfectly dreamy indie rock.With a sprinkling of shoegaze and a dash of lo-fi, Big Goose make delectable indie rock, which tantalises your taste buds into craving more and more. But enough with the food analogies, let’s get down to the serious business (well not too serious).

As we mentioned, Big Goose are the formation of ACAB Rocky bassist, Angus Watt (vocals and guitar), alongside Miles Fuller (drums), Colt Hoey (guitar) and Alex Ireton (bass). Hailing from Victoria in British Columbia, this four piece are a fair contrast to Watt’s other group.

On their Stranger EP, sixteen minutes throughout flies bye, across four beautifully pieced tracks:

  • The lush China Doll, a shimmering, indie-rock track which glides on the shores of beach pop.
  • A closer tie to ACAB with I’d Love To Know, a lo-fi loaded, heavy indie-rock head banger.
  • (Your Symptoms), a transcendent forty-eight seconds that lead into the closing track Prozaic.
  • Gentle and delicate, Prozaic is a magnetic dream-pop fantasy, layered with gorgeous guitar hooks and indie-rock prowess.

Kept short and sweet so you can fully embrace Big Goose, the Canadian rockers blend indie-rock and pop beautifully; balancing heavy rock riffs, with intricate dream-pop tones.

  • What can I expect?

Indie rock, which dances around the field of lo-fi and shoegaze beautifully.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Their Stranger EP is out now, but future work we’re unsure of, we’ll have it on Velvet as soon there’s new music.

  • Where can I find their music?

Remember Bandcamp?

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: ACAB Rocky, Gleam, ArtClassSink

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