Class of 2016

We’re giving it to you plain and simple this year. No waiting. No pointless lists. 10 acts, all at once, who you’ll need to know in 2016.

Vote for your favourite down below! The list is as follows (in ascending order):

10. Ninsun Poli

Genre: Pop
Key track(s): A Great Leap Forward
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
Sell them to me: Move over Lykke Li, there’s a new Swedish star on the rise, and her name is Ninsun Poli.

9. Spares

Genre: Punk-rock
Key track(s): Not Enough
Origin: Liverpool, England
Sell them to me: Punk rock will never die, especially with the likes of Spares kicking and thrashing at every chance they get.

8. Skin & Bones

Genre: Folk, rock
Key track(s): Bad Feeling
Origin: Los Angeles, USA
Sell them to me: This LA duo created the coolest folk-rock track of 2015, perhaps even the century. You’d be a fool to ignore Skin & Bones.

7. Neil Thomas

Genre: Hip-pop
Key track(s): Home
Origin: London, England
Sell them to me: Virtually unheard of, Neil Thomas’ track Home, was enough to score him the #6 position in this list, and to reach the top40 in our end of year tracks.

6. Armors

Genre: Pop-rock
Key track(s): Revolver, Catastrophic
Origin: Orange County (Lake Forest), USA
Sell them to me: Part of the current swarm of LA, pop-rock groups, Armors music thrives on the drama and style of the Hollywood hills.

5. Samm Henshaw

Genre: Soul, folk
Key track(s): Redemption, Autonomy
Origin: London, England
Sell them to me: Soul that is matured beyond its years, Samm Henshaw’s mixture of soul and folk fuelled guitars, will leave you in a stunned silence.

4. Bad Sounds

Genre: Indietronica
Key track(s): Living Alone, I Feel
Origin: Bath, England
Sell them to me: Can you hear the Klaxons? No that’s just Bad Sounds, creating an even bigger buzz than the indie juggernauts of 2007.

3. Molly Moore

Key track(s):
Origin: Los Angeles, USA
Sell them to me: Not shy of being blunt or vulnerable, Molly Moore creates traditional pop hits, the way they should be created.


Genre: Shoegaze, indie-rock, lo-fi
Key track(s): Regeneration
Sell them to me: Nostalgia cannons at the ready, INHEAVEN’s music creates vortex’s of distorted memories of the years once gone.

1. Lea Porcelain

Genre: Industrial, post-punk
Key track(s): Bones, Similar Familiar
Origin: Frankfurt, Germany
Sell them to me: Quite possibly the reincarnation of Joy Division, Lea Porcelain’s brand of industrial, electronic, post-punk was the most enticing sound of any new band in 2015.

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