Velvet’s Top Ten Releases

Seeing as I reviewed a handful of EPs and LPs combined, here on Velvet, it seemed pointless to produce a review for every album. So instead, I’m letting the music do the talking (lazy, I know), for all but our #1 (which the review can be read by clicking on the title fyi).

So if you’re curious to see what we ranked from 10-1, then keep on reading.

10. ACAB Rocky – Truce EP


9. Dos Floris – The Widowed Earth (previously signed to DyNaMik Records)

8. The Vaccines – English Graffiti

7. Super Luxury – Ten Solid Years Of Applause
6. East India Youth – Culture of Volume


5. Bernard + Edith – Jem


4. Jamie XX – In Colour


3. GirlBand – Holding Hands With Jamie


2. Lea Porcelain – Lea Porcelain



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