PROM – Not About Dying

It’s been over a year since we’ve heard anything from PROM, the Brooklyn duo who we so boldly fell in love with, on their EP Keeping Company.

Time is the key. You don’t just become famous overnight, and PROM know this.

We featured PROM at the beginning of 2015, as one of twenty new acts to look out for, but PROM had other plans. Now this duo have finally returned, it’s clear to see that 2015 was a productive year for them, and we clearly got our years mixed up.

Not About Dying sets a new stance for PROM’s electronica/pop blend. Apparent influences from electronicas side genres, biggest hits are unavoidable. In part sounding as if Washed Out’s chillwave met up with Chvrches synthpop, then thinking back to the glorious era of 80’s electronica, you’d be able to place Not About Dying comfortably onto a number of hit albums. PROM just created a new hybrid, which we may not have even been looking for, but that clearly isn’t going to stop this duo from eventually brushing shoulders with electronica-pop’s biggest names this year.

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