White Denim – Holda You (I’m Psycho)

Their most rock-worthy track so far, White Denim are reliving the era of Levi’s infused rock n roll, kicking up dust and a fuss in old town bars, diving all over and hammering guitars into a state of oblivion.

Three years since their last LP Corsicana Lemonade, White Denim seem to have decided that rock is indeed, the only way to progress (even if news organisations tell everyone it’s dying every year), and Holda You is ready to ‘revive’ the rock-less world.

Holda You is a supercharged three minute rock-avant (we’re throwing in rock as much as possible), pouncing from wall to wall, with James Petralli’s vocals booming throughout, as guitar riffs and drum smashes (rather than beats) are a plenty in this lil’ slice of rock heaven.

So get your old, black Levi’s on, grab a beer in one hand, a pick in the other, and pretend you’re a real rock star (or at least watching one).

White Denim’s upcoming sixth LP, Stiff, is out March 25th through Downtown Records.

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