Lust For Youth – Stardom

The Swedish electro-nauts have gone searching for their new sound and discovered the foggy waters of Stardom in the process.

The second track taken from Compassion (but it’s the official first single fyi), Stardom travels far from the electro-house culture of 90’s Britain, which previous single Better Looking Brother, is more equipped towards.

Atmospheric open air, amplifies the synth driven beats, relying more upon an inorganic substance, from their usual drum driven electronica. Synths provide Stardom with an unusual level of benevolence and energy, especially for a track which upon first appearance, sounds hopelessly sombre. Yet Lust For Youth attain their wondrous sound completely, merely amplifying their work from International into the outer stratosphere.

Compassion, the groups fourth album, is out March 18th, through Sacred Bones.

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