5 New Tracks To: Check Out Now!

So seeing as I never have enough time to share as much music as I’d like to, I’m giving way to the first of (hopefully) many “Check Out Now! posts.

Kicking off our debut, is the luscious rhythms of Highs, a Toronto based group, who’s pulsating indie grooves on latest single I Do, Do You, jolts, bounces and explodes into an indie pop delirium, questioning the boundaries of indie, pop and rock altogether. Think of I Do, Do You as the perfect start to an illustrious fascination for fans of Grouplove.

A new Liverpudlian group, Seprona’s latest track Trap Door falls reminiscent of old school, fair ground rides, with a cool combination of similarities towards The Courteeners and Twenty One Pilots. Illusions layered within quiet guitars allow Trap Door to release its magic upon you, and welcome you to the land of Seprona.

A duo from Toronto, Brave Shores bright-eyed synth/beach pop, brings to memory the likes of Tennis and Summer Camp. Surfs Up utilises pop music that dabbles in synths and bouncing guitar hooks (shown through the cartoon influenced music video), settling under a wave of nostalgia and comfort from the latest addition to the synth-pop scene.

A combination of glitch-y electronics and muffled sound-scapes, Benny Boeldt’s Phone Call is truly genius. Madness is the only word that contains some substance for this technical malfunction of a track. Beautiful madness. Get trippy and weird, and make sure you get 8 Cups, Boeldt’s upcoming LP, out January 29th.

Now on their third album, TEEN’s latest track Tokyo, is an 80’s paradise. Madonna has a fair mention and an apparent influence, in this futuristic amalgamation of 80’s pop/disco and 10’s mainstream pop-rock from the likes of leading ladies Haim. Bursting synthesisers and whaling guitars at the ready! TEEN’s upcoming LP, Love Yes is out February 19th.

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