Welcoming… Blajk

Remember kids, alternative spellings are what stands out. Blajk is the new black, deal with it.

Pop isn’t just for LA. No, pop is for everyone, no matter where you are, especially if you’re this Toronto group.

Made up of Jordan Radics, Paul Doherty, Brent Gordon, Thomas Conrad & Ray McTaggart (pause for breath), Blajk make sophisticated neo-pop/rock, which isn’t too far from rising stars Max and the Moon and The 1975 as well, but further away from The NBHD’s new music, so the pop sound isn’t affected by corporate interests.

Debut single Hamptons, is a slice of 00’s pop, cut with precision, to ensure beats play in unison to the rhythm of Jordan’s slick vocals. While on the follow-up to Hamptons, Lost, a sensual, near baritone vocal from Jordan, leads Lost into piercing pop territory, signifying impossibly chilled characters, with smooth lyrics and soft electronics, meeting for an embrace that’s hotter than the sun itself.

Blajk’s most recent single French Class, is the band’s closest attempt to a true, pop banger; making waves closer to the shores of Max and the Moons Harps. Pre-build up before an explosive chorus is always a go to for pop music, but doing it right is something a completely different thing. French Class’ chorus is short and sweet, immediately ready to burst again in a matter of moments, for the never-ending party of Blajk.


  • What can I expect?

Sophisticated, uber cool pop, that isn’t contaminated by the mainstream.

  • When will they release new stuff?

French Class came out just about a month ago, so maybe in another month or two?

  • Where can I find their music?

The cloud of which all the worlds sounds are held. Soundcloud. We mean Soundcloud. (Oh it’s all free as well, *hint hint*).

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: Max and the Moon, Native People, Brandyn Burnette.

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