Welcoming… Scaffolder

Welcome our latest addition to this infrequent part of Velvet, Scaffolder; a Parisian six (and sometimes seven) piece.

A solid description is usually how Welcoming… posts work, but tying Scaffolder down to one specific sound would be as difficult as catching a fly with a net. Their debut EP jumps in and out of electronica influences, then into prog-rock, followed by psychedelic and punk and so forth. The only possible title to work for Scaffolder would be progressive-fantasy-rock?

Moving on to the actual music now, Scaffolder’s debut EP (titled In Headlights) is a three track release, containing three rather, distinctively different tracks.

Their debut release (as far as I know), The Back Seat, came last year, back around May. The causal links to Editors were immediately apparent for me, as Hicham’s vocals sore beautifully upon his high notes, similarly to Tom’s on The Big Exit. A cross between Tom’s vocals and Lust For Youth’s hypnotic synth-wave, The Back Seat is dark and mystic, yet painted with a white glow that draws attention to its darker center, before erupting beautifully like a supernova.

On In Headlights remaining two tracks, Drink Sponge/Brick Wall and Deep Sea Diver, you’ll come to understand the confusion I had when attempting to pin point a genre title for this group. While DSBW is classically indie rock, with a dramatic atmosphere anchored by raging drums and insanely driven guitar work, DSD sounds as if a mystic foretold your entrapment in a disillusioned circus, where you’re surrounded by fun house mirrors, slowly turning crazy, yet loving it.

So if turning senile sounds like something for you (or if intriguing indie music, whatever label you want to stick on them), then Scaffolder may be the band for you!

  • What can I expect?

Haunting and rich, darkly phantasmagoric songs ripe with magic realism (so they say). Put simply, a well grounded sound, which floats into the unusual realm of mystic indie, aka, dream pop etc.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Their EP In Headlights is out now. So wear that out and then they’ll have new stuff.

  • Where can I find their music?

The endless space of music and sound. Also SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: Editors, Escapists and Cloud Cast Lake.

One thought

  1. i love , longue vie √† votre music… je suis sure que dans les prochains mois , vous allez exploser


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