Bandcamp Presents… Roosters

Week number four now. We’re bringing Danish group Roosters to Velvet, with their virtually unheard of new release, EP.

If you enjoy your bands new and unknown, well keep reading. The only thing I could find on Roosters was a YouTube channel (Roosters Roosters), and if you search Roosters into Facebook, all you’ll get is food joints. More so because they’re a relatively young band (2014), Roosters lack of media presence is to be expected. Although the sound they create on single Glassy Eyes, isn’t quite what you’d expect.

While drones and reverb may be a common feature, especially in new bands; Roosters work on Glassy Eyes shows a group who clearly know how to work an indie rock song.¬†Effect pedals and drippy guitars and bass give Glass Eyes and amplified boost of 80’s punk while remaining close to early 10’s indie-psych from groups such as Peace and Jaws.

Then on B-side You That I Know, Swim Deep cross paths with Gross Magic, as a looping bass hook creates acidic psych, which conjures up the thought of that sweaty gig in a friends basement, where you’re all touching the ceiling, but it’s the best moment of your entire life.

Glassy Eyes and You That I Know are available for free on Bandcamp, but support the group and purchase a vinyl, they’re only 40DKK (¬£4!).

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