Hante – This Fog That Never Ends

An intersection between the worlds of 80’s pop-electronica and dark-synth-wave, This Fog That Never Ends is a beautiful combination of electronica’s finest moments.

I’ll hold my hands up and say, that I had never heard of Hante until This Fog That Never Ends. While scrawling through tumblr for Velvet’s Bandcamp presents, it was an extremely happy coincidence that I stumbled upon Hante. The artwork for This Fog That Never Ends, was the first pivotal sign, that this LP was going to be intriguing, dark and exciting.

While the revival of Vinyl is consistently growing (this LP is on vinyl fyi), This Fog That Never Ends is truly an LP which needs blasting through killer speakers or excellent headphones. Listening out-loud at an acceptable volume will only hinder Hante’s work, therefore your experience of the LP.

Examples to follow would be Bienvenue En Enfer, In Cold Water and Shadow Boxing, all which have an amazing combination of thrashing bass and drum beats all colliding into a wave of noise, layered with light synths that evolve into monstrous concoctions. Beautiful, awe-inspiring concoctions.

In Cold Water (one of the pre-released singles of the EP) is almost a mirror image of Lust For Youth’s International completely. While this may seem as if Hante merely reminds you of Lust For Youth’s stunning LP, Hante draws upon even more intense emotions than the Swedish group; creating more of an image of a last-ditch attempt at survival in an apocalyptic world, rather than the intense, personal conflict-ions of International.

Similarly on Burning, Hante’s focus on 80’s electronica synth, with bass driven beats that amplifies the latest addiction of music fans everywhere; a combination of influences old and new, creates a sound which is completely her own.

This sound Hante creates however is best captured upon tracks Noir and My Destruction. The two sides of Hante’s style, both taking influences from the light and dark sides of electronica. Noir welcomes you with light, high noted synth keys, that quickly become dark, once Hante releases her sombre vocals, creating a cross over between bleakness and  beautiful optimism.

Although it’s My Destruction, which leads This Fog That Never Ends into complete cult territory. A cross between a 90’s rave, 10’s indie kids attempting to rave, and high voltage festival speakers, with flashing strobes across the darkness of the back-light lit air. My Destruction completely annihilates any chance of catching your breath, as consistent two steps and body popping, is one of the few things anyone who listens to this eponymous track, will be doing/

Whether it’s light tappings of death-electro or heavy influences of the 80’s, Hante is as seasoned as electronica’s greatest.

While Hante’s influences and similarities on This Fog That Never Ends could be tied to countless others, it’s the French artists precision with electro beats and synth slices, that transmute into light tones at the flick of a switch, and then into intense, drum driven, bass monsters. Ten tracks of dark, unaltered, synth-wave dystopia, This Fog That Never Ends rises triumphantly as a beacon of unbeatable electronica. Whether it’s on the dystopic electronica of Burning or the high-rise, glistening outline of In Cold Water, Hante utilises electronica influences beautifully, fully utilising a series of styles into one consistent style, which delivers a never-ending wave of high intensity synths at stunning quality.


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