HAVVK – Once Told

A calm demeanour isn’t always the correct route for folk tinged, indie rock. Hawk have moved away from their lighter notes from the beginning of 2015; now progressing forward with Once Told.

Stylistically, Hawk are somewhere between the boundaries of indie rock and folk traditionally. However on Once Told, Julie Hawk takes it upon the group to disrupt their quaint, peaceful folk sound, to break down walls, in retaliation towards the laws prohibiting abortion in Ireland.

While links within the lyrics may seem important however, Hawk’s personal disruption speaks louder than anything.

A viable┬ádisplay of raw energy, displayed through openly struck guitar chords, progressing into minute riffs, before violently following suit of Julie’s echoing screeches, Once Told leaves no chance of Ireland remaining catatonic towards this issue. Punk simply will not allow it.

Once Told is out February 19th through Veta Records, with their upcoming EP due for release in April.

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