Bandcamp Presents… Koolade

Today for Bandcamp Presents, we travel to Croatia for the slick, hip-hop stylings of Koolade.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I find hip-hop a difficult genre. But it’s not because of the beats. Usually it’s the stories told. Money, fame, “hoes” etc, it all just rolls into one big blah (for me at least). The beats hip-hop creates are usually the most creative sounds you’ll ever hear.

Koolade may not be a new artist to the scene, but he has the formula for killer hip-hop beats nailed down.

While an instrumental artist (apart from on collaborations), creates insane hip-hop music. It sways in between old-school house and garage, then┬ámore modern R’n’B influenced sounds, tinged with a little push towards modern electronica sub genres (think post-chillwave and post-dub). Just check out his own work on the latest EP, Greyscale, or listen to Masta Ace’s Beautiful and you’ll completely understand why you need some Koolade.

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