Thyla – Car Crash

Throwing together a mixture of post-grunge and acid filled, indie rock, would possibly be the best way to describe Thyla’s latest track, Car Crash. 

The second that crunchy bass note (that sound as if they’ve gone through a Boss DS-1) appears on a track; a lack of musical skill usually follows. Thankfully, Thyla rather beautifully decimate this grunge sound, as Car Crash progresses with minute breaks, which turn from grunge, to post-acid/indie rock in a matter of seconds.

Whether it’s Millie’s vox, or Elis’ guitar cutting into glorious riffs, which sound ready to destroy an amplifier, Car Crash is constantly bursting with energy, while remaining strangely chilled out for most of the track. Millie’s vocals are easily the most enticing part of Car Crash also, as I was instantly transfixed towards the similarity of Blondie’s Debbie Harry.

So if a mixture of Gross Magic and Blondie sounds like your slice of heaven, check it out.

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