Bandcamp Presents… Vow

This one will definitely have been worth the wait. Trust me.

Upon finding Vow (and their sold out vinyl of latest single, Withdraw) deep in the Bandcamp indie catalogue, with a short list of releases containing two EP’s and one more single; I immediately wanted to find more from this California group.

Made up of Julia Blake, Andrew Thomas and Nick Steinhardt, this Los Angeles group find themselves somewhere between the worlds of contemporary post-punk (post-post-punk you could say)and dark pop, as well as some subtle electronica pop.

While their debut EP Make Me Young, taken all the way back from 2013, differs from their current work on Withdraw, Vow’s sound projects pure confidence and perfect precision, within each gritty guitar snarl, electronic hum or echo. On Withdraw, the energy felt from The Joy Formidable collides perfectly with Chvrches and Blood Red Shoes, creating what I could only describe as the perfect indie mixture possible.

Make sure you keep up with Vow, as they’ll be releasing a series of singles, in which you need to order a vinyl straight away, because once they go to press, that’ll be it, forever! (Until one appears on discogs or something.)

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