AGA – You x I

Go big or go home. Clearly AGA aren’t planning on the latter any time soon, with their intense, debut track, You x I.

Simply put, AGA (A Gentleman’s Agreement) are a duo who are keeping their identity held closely to their inner circle, so you’ll have to judge the music this time round. But don’t worry, it’ll have you doing a lot more than just judging music this weekend (*insert sexual act of your choice here*).

You x I is the heated foreplay which new lovers will undoubtedly, be sharing on Sunday 14th. Loaded with deep sexuality, assertive tones of ‘pound-rock’ and intense electronics, You x I commands attention immediately, reaching for the ‘cool-factor’ of hip-rock, while managing to sound more like a sexual combination of early Kasabian and Max and the Moon.

Set in deep, dark electronic thumps, AGA’s vehement style is alluring, arousing and completely intoxicating.

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