The RiceCrackers – Five Golden Rings (Première)

The ever so tasty RiceCrackers, are kindly letting me première their new track Five Golden Rings today; an aggravated punk fueled behemoth.If you didn’t catch our end of year lists, then go check it, Ricecrackers scored a spot on our top 50 releases. Posts promotion aside, RiceCrackers second release, following their Kolohe Kid EP, is a continuation of the Boston groups, contemporary take on punk rock.

Traditionally punk with its short running time, Five Golden Rings differs from the ever-present wave of ‘loud-is-good’ punk style, layering itself meticulously, creating a revitalising change, to fresh punk music. Each guitar riff, drum beat, bass hook and change in vocals, balance out together with incredible precision. Creating punk-rock music which is structured, yet contains enough of a raw edge, to unleash the vitality and excitement of the fresh-faced punk of the 70’s; RiceCrackers completely understand punk and go beyond it, which in itself is what punk is.

Give them some love, and listen to the track (and buy it) down below.

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