Bandcamp Presents… Fake Natives

They’re an old-ey but a good-ey, so stay with me on this.

So back in 2012, yes 2012, Fake Natives released their debut album (which is still up on their bandcamp), and now they’re back with their third record, with a couple of demos from it, which are arguably something to get excited about, especially if you’re a fan of Gleemer.

Dream pop is the product they’re selling, but this time the dream pop is coated with a sugary layer of soft rock and light hearted emotion so well, that you’ll immediately fall in love.

Snocone is a glistening piece, filled with rippling guitars, shining dimly enough to provide the correct ambience for a lovers first dance, kiss, intimate moment, you name it. Lose Touch is arguably the track, which will sell Fake Natives completely to you though.

A short and sweet track, Lose Touch finds itself caught in-between fear and love, intertwined into a true display of tender emotion, as indie rock guitars are partnered together beautifully with delicate lyrics, which are ready to load you with the courage you’ve been searching for, to reach out and achieve your dreams, whatever they, or who, may be.

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