Lust For Youth – Sudden Ambitions

There’s something oddly optimistic about Lust For Youth’s dark-synth-pop, which becomes more refreshing after every hit.

The third track taken from the Swedish group’s upcoming LP Compassion, Sudden Ambitions throws in a deep contrast (tempo-wise) from Stardom.

As Lust For Youth continue to experiment with their dark electronica mixture, their aptitude for creating tracks which balance in-between isolated claustrophobia and optimistic idealism is continuing to grow.

Sudden Ambitions utilises the group’s strongest assets, as 90’s house meets New Order, in a hypnotic, synth filled, electro-anthem which draws the group ever closer to the dizzying heights of Depeche Mode’s electro-genius. Switching between the two era’s of electronica, Sudden Ambitions turns itself into a post-punk lovers dream, as its rather sombre tone becomes weirdly invigorating, providing enough energy to sing and dance along, yet still retaining Lust’s recognisably dark tones.

Compassion is out March 18th through Sacred Bones Records.

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