Bandcamp Presents… We Are

More indie rock goodness this week, coming from the Colorado group We Are.

If you’re a fan of Cloud Nothings, then stick around, because We Are capture the post-rock/punk essence of Attack On Memory sublimely.

Their first release (from what I’ve been able to find) is a three track EP which goes from a short guitar loaded intro, to a gargantuan seven minute, ending blowout.

The final track (the seven minute blowout) is easily the most exciting track on the EP (although Lillie’s immediate, post-rock fire, already feels ready to elevate the group to a higher stance). Ode to a Travelers indecisive Heart begins similarly to Lillie, but it’s the break from around the four-minute mark onwards, that marks Ode… as the sell out track of this groups debut EP.

Bursting with a collection of post-genre riffs, Ode… blasts its way to an explosive end, which could easily give groups such as Joy Formidable, Foals and Viet Cong a run for their money.

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