Inheaven – Baby’s Alright

America’s 70’s hippy scene is reunited under a guise of supersonic guitars and post-indie rock.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Inheaven. Tangerine was their last release back in October, but now the silence is over with their latest effort, Baby’s Alright.

It’s quick, it’s irreverent and bold, Baby’s Alright talks of nuclear warfare, hate breeding hate and the negative growth of a violent society. Inheaven throw together a horde of noisy guitar hooks that slide in and out of American rock and Brit-rock/pop, creating for a clash between The Ramones and Blur. Baby’s Alright’s slight punk leanings, are easily transmuted back towards their shoegaze loaded sound, with whammy induced psych waves shaking off any familiarities from previous indie-rock groups.

Showing they’re not just reverb loaded, rock junkies; Inheaven are making their inevitable debut album an even more enticing event to await.

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