Bandcamp Presents… MOTH

With a clash between Post punk and New Romantics; this Danish group are maintaining Scandinavia’s impossibly high standards for punk music.

A four piece hailing from Copenhagen, MOTH don’t seek out the light-side of the 80’s, they draw all attention to their dramatic, dystopic new-wave modernism.

On their latest release Measured Time, released by Mass Media Records, MOTH unite the 80’s into one complete genre, utilising the New Romantics synthesisers, while equally embodying the harrowing, existentialism of post punk. With vocals from Stina Broström of Svart Magi, Measured Time amplifies supercharged sound waves, into sonic-booms of destructive punk/goth energy.

On B-side Silk Ribbon, Patrick Ringsborg’s vocals announce the end of days, as his New Romantics style combines with dark-wave synthesisers and maelstroms of noise, that vary from occasional moments of serendipity to pure anguish and self-destruction. Just want you want from post punk.

If destructive goth and the anguish of post punk sounds alluring to you, make sure you get one of the groups, 200 splatter vinyls! (199 now…)

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