Bandcamp Presents… Jojii

Emo pop from Toronto newcomer Jojii this week. Warning! You may fall in love.

Whether you fall in love with Jojii or his music is entirely dependent on yourself, but the latter of the two has been repeating throughout my mind more than a crush.┬áJojii fuses together a mixture of current dream pop, home recording style, together with 00’s emo/scene kid music, which will make anyone’s twelve-year-old self, giddy with excitement.

Found and Be Well are the essential tracks to his dark, debut EP, I Want To Die. Found comes loaded with more teenage angst and self-consciousness than you’d first imagine. Gritty, crashing guitars, on top of heavy, slow beating drums, make for an emotional near three minutes of gritted teeth, heavy head banging and emo outcries.

Be Well completely ignites the love for Jojii you’re soon to have though. As sliding guitar riffs, fuzzed up to dream pop perfection, (but with enough of a rough edge to still capture the essence of emo), run across Be Well; Jojii’s cries of “I’ll wait/I’ll break/I’ll crash unload every drop of pain and anger into your very being, making for a destructive personalisation, which will either have you thrashing around in joy, or breaking down in dismay. Either way, it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss out on.

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