Mt. Wolf – St. Michael

Embrace the world with open arms and let Mt. Wolf infiltrate your very soul.

Mt. Wolf have constantly had a serene grace about their music. Beautifully intricate and untouched by higher powers, Mt. Wolf’s St Michael is expansive and breathtakingly gorgeous. It’s quietly bold, while being equally colossal at the same time. Emphatic choruses, which draw volume from the calm subdued verses, create a place in time where no sound can be heard, other than Sebastian’s angelic cries, amplified by ambient tones, intense bass and lightly touched guitars.

It’s not as much of a song as it is an experience. Mt. Wolf have an ineptitude to create anything other than beautiful destruction. St. Michael harnesses enough emotional power to render you speechless, immobile and ready to cut out the world, while the London based group simply serenade you into a coma of pure delight.

Mt. Wolf’s Hex EP, is out now through CRC Music.

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