HICARI – Consumed (Première)

An international five piece from Liverpool’s Institute of Performing Arts, HICARI create illustrious pop which culminates gorgeous displays of euphoric art. 

Made up of Shayaan Oshidar, Ryan Bickley, Will Brown, Tatsuhiko Saiki and Erlend Hellevik, HICARI’s cultural diversity leads to some incredibly vast pop.

On their debut single Consumed, “a song that details loneliness and the desperation to find the people who understand you”, HICARI’s lyrics fall gracefully in sync with their music. Rather than displaying this struggle vividly, HICARI draw together the excitement of early The Naked & Famous, bursting vibrantly with glittery synth hooks from Ryan, while Shayaan’s vocals roar with the power to completely obliterate Liverpool’s Zanzibar. Tatsuhiko’s guitar skills are as equally impressive also; sending Consumed towards the same levels as early Wolf Alice.

Consumed shows the high level of energy that change requires, seeking out refugee with others who are tuned into the same rhythm as yourself. Bright, glistening pop hooks demonstrate an emphatic love that HICARI clearly have for music, beautifully demonstrating the struggle of fear and loneliness in everyday relationships, while still creating a track that contains enough energy, to enforce this great change in each and every listener.

Consumed is available to purchase from April 15th.

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