Bandcamp Presents… Victor Love

The future is dark and dystopic. Nu-death-electro is Victor Love’s escape route in a cybernetic reality of industrialisation.

So turns out that Victor Love has been recommended a few times to Velvet. Now finally getting around to listening to the Japanese, electro producer and immediately, I was both terrified and enticed towards Victor Love.

Technomancy is Love’s latest work (out May 6th), with the two currently released tracks Bitchcraft (ft. KMFDM) and Irrationality (ft. Spirtual Front) marking a distorted world of industrial, death metal, crashing together with cyber-electro and nu-metal for a bigger cataclysm than WWIII could ever be.

The first track Bitchcraft is pure darkness. Metal is annihilated by nu-metal, squashed under the heavy rule of thrash-electro, as hysteric totalitarianism clashes with the organised chaos of Love’s full throttle onslaught of music heaviest genres.

Irrationality subdues the madness of Bitchcraft with its own industrial experimentalism.

Falling somewhere between ††† (Crosses) meets clipping in the ultimate boss fight of House of the Dead, Irrationality charges heavy, electronic rhythms and cyber-synth scales with industrial interference that’s speaks of current flaws in humanity. While projecting the image of a malevolent, controlled, animated society, Love places himself as weirdly genius, dangerous and an alluring doom-monger, all at once.

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