Lea Porcelain – Out Is In

The German duo scored our #2 release last year and the best song of 2015 with Bones, so high expectations had been set for the duo’s upcoming release, Out Is In.

Now moving onto EP#2, Lea Porcelain’s progressions shows a group that’s ready to take center stage. But in comparison to tracks from their debut EP (now removed from everywhere), Out Is In doesn’t leave much of a mark.

On its own, Out Is In is a cool track. Its grand stature of overloaded electronics and marching drum beats, is loaded with power and would be a brilliant opener, for their inevitable debut LP. Markus’ vocals are clearer than ever, standing shoulder to shoulder with Julien’s electronic wizardry, making for an exciting track for newcomers to Lea Porcelain.

For those who managed to listen to their debut EP however, Out Is In can’t help but be, underwhelming. It has to be said, that it’s a great track on its own. When placed with Lea Porcelain’s back catalogue though, it’s nothing special in all honesty.


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