Bandcamp Presents… Lyfe Indoors

Immersive soundscapes lead towards illustrative day dreams of pure delight with this weeks Bandcamp Presents artist, Lyfe Indoors.

Possibly my favourite Bandcamp Presents artist I’ve written about so far: when Lyfe Indoors contacted me, they seemed almost surprised that their music would even be listened to let alone featured on here.

The small island of Mauritius where Lyfe Indoors are designated to (according to Bandcamp) has clearly injected a vibrancy into the life of their Memoree EP. While largely an acoustic-ambient EP, the dream pop style carried throughout is beautifully layered together with classical arrangements that can easily be lost into.

Back Home is a completely gorgeous piece of work, perfect for subversive thoughts while travelling to your own version of paradise (or just the train home). While latest track Imaginary You, features layers upon layers of ambient drone tones, fused together with the magnetic force of Stahalamora’s vocals. Even while the only lyrics are “Listening” on Imaginary You, Lyfe Indoors and Stahalamora together are an awe-inspiring combination, mixing Lyfe’s magic production skills together with Stahalmora’s soaring vocals.

Make sure you follow both Lyfe Indoors and Stahalamora on facebook:

Lyfe Indoors


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