Fling – Welcome To The City

The sun is rising on a snowy April morning, as new beginnings arise to the sound of Fling.

Even though they may dress as if the 70’s never ended, Fling have a classically cool vibe about them. Whether you choose to believe this or not is up to you, but Fling’s music speaks volumes.

Just think of other weirdly dressed groups who’ve made it in the modern era of post-psych. Peace and Swim Deep are obvious calls to in ‘style’, but Fling’s sound is more closely related to the earlier sound of psych, drawing upon psychedelic legends Primal Scream as well as Brian Jonestown Massacre and Foxygen.

Welcome To The City revives the 70’s in the 10’s, as clean psych hooks join together in a time warp filled with Charles’ well seasoned vocals, which make the eighteen year old sound over thirty years old realistically. As the song continues, nostalgia needs a new word, as Fling create a track which already feels iconic, yet still could go as under-appreciated as The Velvet Underground first were.

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