Molly Moore – Easy

Stating her place amongst Velvet’s Class of 2016, Molly Moore’s Easy is her own marker for success.

Last year, I fell in love with Molly Moore and her music. Daring pop, which cares more about the artistry rather than a simple façade to boost sales; Moore’s take on pop music is what it’s all about.

Moore’s latest track Easy follows up on her huge collaboration with Boehm on Swallow My Pride (racking up nearly 800,000 plays on Soundcloud), a gargantuan summer banger which combined the emotion and attentive nature of Moore with Boehm’s slick electro-cuts.

Easy follows suit, as Boehm’s influence is apparent from the word go, with Moore striking hard immediately with her lyrics:

“I was so restless till you came around/now I’m a mess until you hold me down”

As electro beats roar like thunderstorms in the background, unravelling the raw vulnerability in Moore’s lyrics, Moore’s poise, strength and grace comes across effortlessly, countering the intensity of Easy’s production with her impossibly cool style.

While Easy unravels into a post-pop breakdown (that’s fit for any dancefloor) towards its end, Moore signs her name as one of pop musics most exciting acts at the moment.

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