Bandcamp Presents… Gioumourtzina

Formed in May 2014, in Thessaloniki, Greece, by Anestis Neiros (synth, vocals) and John Tselikas (electric bass), Gioumourtzina’s take on deep-wave electronica is completely intoxicating.While duo’s are still appearing left right and centre thanks to the likes of Twenty One Pilots and Royal Blood, not many (if any at all) dare to drop into the world of electronica, let alone it’s darker sub-genres. Gioumourtzina are a breath of fresh air to the rising population of duos, tackling deep-wave electronica, fusing together multiple subordinate elements to create a sound ten times more exciting.

Their debut LP Blakk Metall is a true testament to the Grecian’s work. Loaded with nine tracks that span across the grand sea of electronica, filtering between house raves, to deep underground mystic rituals, leading tracks Russian Market and┬áChrysostomou Smyrnis, demonstrate the versatility and style of which Gioumourtzina seem to be overflowing with on Blakk Metall. As Russian Market delves into a land of midnight strobes, illuminated by neon city lights,┬áChrysostomou Smyrnis downloads a series of soundscapes altogether in a dysfunctional acid trip, creating an almost dystopic escapism.

Blakk Metall is out now, available through the groups Bandcamp page, as well as Inner Ear Records.

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