VÉRITÉ – Living

Matching resonant bass tones with airy vocals and haunting melodies, Vérité has returned with the EP Living.

Vérité First appeared in 2014 with her EP Echo, an equally effervescent compilation of songs that told the story of two quixotic lovers. In Living, however, the sound comes together in another one of her enigmatic four song EPs, to tell a story full of a familiar feeling of tired emotions we all struggle with.

Exchanging the metallic pop sound of her last EP Sentiment for a darker, earthier sound she retains the same hypnotic vocals and organic melodies that almost seem to possess you, hearkening back to a style similar to Strange Enough, off of her original EP Echo.  

The EP starts with a heavy bass chord and tight electric rhythms that break the mould of modern pop songs and push Vérité into a category all her own. The juxtaposition of her soaring vocals and the richly layered bass and drumbeats, splashed with ethereal harmonies creates a unique sound that washes over you and brings you into deeper and deeper into the dusky beauty of her music.

The Living EP has a very consistent theme throughout. The songs blend together effortlessly while still all retaining their own unique identity and powerful emotions.  The intensity of the sound is almost magnified by the sheer, vulnerability of her voice, and the forlorn almost resentful lyrics on tracks such as Underdressed and Gesture. The Brooklyn-based performer has melded these elements together expertly to create an ethereal sound with subtle r&b influences, that’s fragile to the touch yet strong enough to pierce your soul.

From the first note, the sound washes over you and leaves you floating. As the bass led opener makes way for a more electric sound and Chunky rhythms, the buzzing vocals and richly layered sound entrance you every step of the way.

The stand out track to this EP is the title track and closer, Living; with a sound I can describe as nothing other than unearthly. The song builds up into a climax that is equal parts beautiful and painful, as Vérité belts about the all-too familiar feeling of giving up over a backdrop of dreamy warbling beats.

Living was a risky choice, but it definitely paid off. Sonically, Vérité has managed to tie together songs with very different backgrounds and influences into one cohesive EP. Consistently pushing boundaries and redefined what it means to be an alternative artist throughout her career so far, hopefully Vérité will continue to bring us more of her dark crooning melodies in the future.


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