Trails and Ways – My Things

A new direction for the Oakland indie outfit, following their debut LP Pathology last year.

The first new track since the B-side Escape was released over five months ago, My Things is unlike anything the group have produced before, while still retaining their high energy pop sound. It’s the natural step forward from its predecessor Jacaranda, the last officially released single from Pathology, which we earmarked as showing the band’s progression towards a new sound last year.

My Things highlights the groups evolution towards crisper guitars and dream pop altercations. While the liquid gold of each members voices fuse as perfectly together as they have done previously, it’s the guitar work which is receiving our biggest praises. The rock edge that My Things appears to have, is immediately launched into centre stage thanks to Keith’s bold guitar work. From whaling solos towards the latter part of the track and waves of blissful rhythm, it truly does bring to question, just how effortlessly can Trails and Ways keep producing beyond-cool, indie pop music?

Maybe they’ll give away the secret eventually, but right now, enjoy the free download.

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