Bad Sounds – Avalanche

Paisley and corduroy pants, with feathered hair cuts on top of bouncing synths, it’s the 70’s all over again.

You remember Bad Sounds right? They made our Class of 2016, had some of the funkiest tunes around with I Feel and Banger last year, so the Bath group have already paved their way towards greatness, plus on the back of new track Avalanche, they’re self-assured now to ignite the radio-waves.

On Avalanche, the Bath group’s 70’s sound is as prominent as ever, as synths swarm into kaleidoscopic patterns, alongside fuzzed up guitars, screaming out for the psychedelic era. With a nod to the 90’s, as a slight tinge of Brit-pop infiltrates the chorus, where you’d highly expect Blur, or ¬†Suede to pop out, it’s a post-indie time travel vortex, where every era has simply been snowed under and now joined together as one, under the magnetism of Bad Sounds.



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