Fou De Toi – Only In My Head

Recently Fou De Toi brought us Only In My Head, the first single of their forthcoming EP.

First appearing on the scene in 2012, Fou De Toi (French, meaning Crazy for You) are a Swedish Indie Pop band. With their signature dreamy sound and an expert blend of indie pop and electronica, with just a touch of neo-psychedelia, you’ll be crazy for them soon too.

The follow-up to their latest release, Don’t Know What to Do, OIMH exchanges the synthy chords and twinkling 80’s vibes for a more modern, silvery sound with a contagious positive attitude. But not too positive. Just the right amount of positivity.

Right off the bat, the driving force of the song is the solid rhythm and abundant vocals. From Erik’s smooth crooning in the chorus, to the jubilant vocalizations adding to the backdrop of the song, it’s beautiful, creative, and bursting with good feelings. With lyrics like “I will make you feel desired” and “Let us love until we die” it’s like thinking about your old crush, you knew you would never act on but still, it was nice to think about them.

If you’re in a joyfully nostalgic mood, or just want to chill out and listen to some really good pop music; Fou De Toi shouldn’t be too far away.

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