Arizona – I Was Wrong

It’s quietly brilliant.

Not much needs to be said about I Was Wrong. Arizona’s latest single and their first official music video, I Was Wrong speaks volumes while hardly saying anything at all.

The calm sombre of Arizona’s lyrics are beautifully subdued; neither pushing nor hindering their own thoughts as the song progresses. I Was Wrong simply states itself as an honest apology within its narrative. The video shows the course of turbulence within a relationship, facing the truths of ones own mistakes, simply embracing this into a sincere regret, without forcing an aftershock of emotion.

It’s attentively evoking emotion in a relaxed manner. Without feeling positioned to, it’s easy to understand the lyrics completely, either falling into a relaxed state to the steady piano and kick drum, or drawing upon your own similarities to the lyrics. It’s at peace with its own vulnerability, which is truly beautiful.

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