Bandcamp Presents… Nearly Oratorio

Two years after its completion, Australian artist Nearly Oratorio, finally reveals his sophomore EP, deep from within the vaults of his five-year expenditure.

Nearly Oratorio, or Simon Lam if you prefer, produced the Tin EP back in 2013, as well as recording the video for the single Tin, with Solitaire Records’ Hamish Mitchell.

A simple use of a VHS camcorder, the video shows the unfiltered form of Tin in all its haunting glory. As Lam produces his drum loop on a 1 inch reel to reel tape, the DIY style of his work has a profound effect throughout, creating a soft hum of nostalgia during Tin’s ductile performance, in unison to the vintage touch of the VHS.

With a mechanical touch on Tin from the soft, steel electronic sounds, creating an incongruity to the usual harshness of the materials; Lam’s own tenderness and subdued nature, reveal a state of fear, covered up in the comfort of delicate familiarity. Similarities towards Doldrums and Halls are noticeable in parts, but Lam’s own gentle edge, leads him towards a blissful surrounding of ¬†electronica music, which is beautiful to behold, while still retaining an intriguing tinge, to ensure his music isn’t simply light background music, as softer electronica is partially adjourned to.

Tin, as well as the Tin EP, are both available now through Solitaire Records. The EP stream is available down below.

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