Plaza – Blood Orange

Plaza are back with another crowd destroyer, in the form of latest single, Blood Orange.

The Hartlepool newcomers may be a group of four, late teens, but on the back of Blood Orange, it’s clear to see that they’re not messing around. Subdued guitar pops, flickering into sweet guitar melodies that turn chunky in a moments notice, Blood Orange summons up viciously, brutal onslaughts of whirling, reverb madness in its guitar work, as a state of pure awe follows each of its dramatically explosive choruses.

Summoning together the madness of Yannis Philippakis’ on stage presence, with similarities towards the energy of early Lea Porcelain and Thyla; Blood Orange is Plaza’s calling card, demonstrating their wickedly talented indie style.

Plaza will be releasing Blood Orange on June 3rd, via Beyond The Wall and are playing the following dates below:

June 13th – Maguire’s Pizza Bar, LIVERPOOL
June 14th – The Victoria, LONDON
June 15th -Koh Tao, MANCHESTER
June 16th – The Rocking Chair, SHEFFIELD
June 17th – The Packhorse, LEEDS
June 18th – Westgarth Social Club, MIDDLESBOROUGH
June 23rd  – Lisbon-Upon-Tyne, NEWCASTLE (Boat Party s/ Lisbon)
August 20th – The Water Rats, LONDON (AMBY Summer Showcase)

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