Truett – Left In The Dark

A bar fight between blues and rock, in the form of Truett.

A sound louder and filled with more guts, than most would dare to try so early on, Truett’s flavour for rock is clearly influenced from his ‘kidnapping’ by Ron Pope. Working with Pope and The District as a young prodigy guitar player, Truett’s experience easily outweighs that of virtually most newcomers.

Left In The Dark, his latest single taken from the Be Mine EP, channels the suave nature of blues, together with the gut punching riffs of heavy rock. Think back to Rascal You by Hanni el Khatib and Left In The Dark will sound like the cooler, older brother of the pair, who drives a black mustang and strikes fear and pure lust into the hearts of anyone who gazes. Loaded with gritty riffs, smoking out blazing chords and finger bleeding breaks, it’s an endless source of raw edged, rock perfection.

The ‘Be Mine’ EP, is out September 23rd.

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